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The Benefits An Attorney Can Provide

Automobile accidents may occur every day in Florida. Most are relatively minor affairs that drivers can quickly resolve. In the less frequent auto accident where you may have suffered serious injury. Seeking the help and guidance of a lawyer can be the difference in a successful outcome.

The attorneys at Pilka Adams & Reed, P.A., are ready to protect your rights. Whether you were a driver or a passenger in the accident, we will fight for the maximum compensation possible on your behalf.

How Attorneys Help In Uninsured And Underinsured Cases

It is hard to recover full compensation for your injuries when the liable driver does not have enough insurance coverage. The other driver’s insurance company may attempt to settle the case for a minimum amount. This can prevent you from collecting the correct compensation amount. For uninsured drivers, it can be difficult to know what legal options are available for you to recover compensation from the accident.

We believe that an uninsured or underinsured driver should not be allowed to escape his or her responsibilities simply by not having adequate coverage. We know how to handle personal injury cases, and we will aggressively seek an amount that eases the financial burdens you and your family are facing.

How Attorneys Help After Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries, including brain injuries and broken bones, are injuries that can cause lasting damage to an individual. We have fought for the rights of those who suffered catastrophic injuries from a car accident for more than 30 years. Our attorneys have resolved the full range of auto accident cases, so we know what to expect and how to proceed as your case unfolds.

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