Efficient Resolution Of Your Collection Matter

Pilka & Associates, P.A., assists clients in all phases of collections, and in all state and federal courts. Our attorneys are known for their responsive and practical approach. At Pilka & Associates, P.C., our firm helps small to large businesses that are burdened with the process of collecting on unpaid invoices for services and products that have already been provided to customers. In times like these, the consequence of frequent late payments, payments not in full, or perhaps not receiving payment at all, can put a major stress on a business that is counting on the income to keep the doors open another quarter.

Due to our collection services, we help you get invoices paid and protect your property in Brandon, Lakeland and throughout Florida.

Offering Versatile, And Efficient Service

Areas in which Pilka & Associates, P.A., attorneys can assist clients include the following:

  • Commercial account collections
  • Consumer account collections
  • Medical accounts collections
  • Workers' compensation premium and medical payment collections
  • Foreclosure of commercial and consumer real property
  • Mechanic's liens for suppliers and subcontractors
  • Commercial or consumer personal property replevin or claim and delivery
  • Commercial and consumer bankruptcy
  • Insurance subrogation
  • Bad debt and other write-off accounts
  • Current but slow pay accounts
  • Estate recoveries
  • Liabilities and filing and pursuing liens from automobile accidents
  • Securing current accounts for more prompt and complete payment

Our attorneys are also experienced with defending against claims arising out of alleged violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The collection lawyers and asset protection attorneys at Pilka & Associates know this area of law and will fight to make sure you get your money and your assets are protected in Brandon, Lakeland and throughout the west coast and Central Florida area.

The time involved in debt collection can be overwhelming, especially when staffing has been cut back. Relieve yourself of the constant phone calls, emails, and letters by hiring our firm to handle your debt collection for you.

Contact Our Law Firm At Your Earliest Convenience

Our attorneys provide dedicated, effective and efficient legal collection services. Call Pilka & Associates, P.A., in our Brandon or Lakeland, Florida, law offices at 863-236-9321, or contact us through this website. Our lawyers serve clients throughout the west coast and Central Florida area.